Nick builds web apps.

The whole stack

Nick started building websites back in 1998, when the World Wide Web was the next big thing.

These days he’s known a Full Stack Developer, which means he’s pretty good at all the things that make great software.

  1. User Experience & Visual Design

    User Centered Design, Sketch, and Photoshop

  2. Front-End Development

    JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS

  3. Back-End Development

    Node.js, Java

  4. Databases & Data Modelling

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle

As a leader of talented software engineers, UI developers, UI designers, and QA engineers, I've found the best ideas come from all phases of the development life cycle.

Working closely with my team and all levels of executive management, we have designed, developed, and delivered products that push the boundaries of technology today.

A brief history

  1. 2015 to Present · xMatters, inc.

    Engineering Manager

  2. 2010 to 2015 · xMatters, inc.

    UI/UX Lead and Team Lead

  3. 2006 to 2010 · Priority Automation, Inc.

    UI Technical Lead

  4. 2002 to 2006 · University of Alberta

    B.Sc. Computing Science

    with a Business minor

  5. 1998 to 2006

    Freelance Web Developer

Get in touch

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He lives in Vancouver and he promises he doesn’t always speak in third person.