Nick builds web apps.

The whole stack

Nick started building websites back in 1998, when the World Wide Web was the next big thing.

These days he’s known a Full Stack Developer, which means he’s pretty good at all the things that make great software.

  1. User Experience & Visual Design

    User Centered Design, Sketch, and Photoshop

  2. Front-End Development

    JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS

  3. Back-End Development

    Node.js, Java

  4. Databases & Data Modelling

    PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle

A brief history

  1. 2010 to Present · xMatters, inc.

    UI/UX Lead and Team Lead

  2. 2006 to 2010 · Priority Automation, Inc.

    UI Technical Lead

  3. 2002 to 2006 · University of Alberta

    B.Sc. Computing Science

    with a Business minor

  4. 1998 to 2006

    Freelance Web Developer

Get in touch

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He lives in Vancouver and he promises he doesn’t always speak in third person.